GBC 8 Layering reasoning

Layer upon layer.

To make an even stronger argument, it is essential that you layer reasoning. This lesson will teach you how to find weaknesses in your reasoning, and add layers to create a stronger position.


Recall the lesson on reasoning. Explain to your teacher what the job of reasoning is in an argument.

Warm Up: 

To review, here is a claim (1) and some evidence (2) to support the claim:

  1. Tom Cruise is not a good actor.
  2. Tom Cruise has never won an Oscar.

What reasoning can you use to connect (1) with (2)? 


Consider the following GBC-style question:

Is it better to travel alone or with friends?

Now discuss these three things with your teacher:

  1. What is your claim?
  2. What is your evidence?
  3. What is your reasoning?

Answer one of the following GBC-style questions with layers of reasoning:

  1. If you had to choose a location for a future trip, where would you go and why?
  2. How could the training process at your company be improved?
  3. How do you view Japan's relationship with its Asian neighbours?