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GBC 6 Making strong arguments

Putting it all together in a cohesive form.

This is a review lesson. We will review what we covered in the first five classes to ensure you are making a strong argument.


For this lesson, prepare an answer to a G.B.C. question you have been asked before in the test. If you have not done the test yet, take one of the questions from the previous lessons.

Warm Up: 

Tell your teacher the question you prepared for, then deliver your answer as you would in the G.B.C. test.


Now try some more questions with your teacher. Your teacher will ask the question. Answer them as you would in the test.

Make sure you give a strong argument, with good evidence to support your claim and sound reasoning to connect your evidence to your claim. Don't forget to make a clear introduction and a powerful conclusion. And remember to expand on your answer and show off your English skills!