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GBC 2 Basic answer structure

Logical structure!

In order to succeed in G.B.C., you need to make sure your answers are well structured. In this lesson, we'll teach you a simple recipe to make great, well-structured answers.


A large part of the G.B.C. test focuses on your ability to communicate your message. How you use logic and structure, as well as argument and evidence, will affect your score. This lesson will look at structure first and teach you a technique you can easily use for simple and more complex questions. We'll work on argumentation, evidence and logic another time.

Warm Up: 

Your teacher will ask you a G.B.C.-style question. Answer as you would in the test.


Your teacher is now going to give you feedback on the way that you answered the question in the warm up.

You'll then learn a technique that will help you answer smoothly and quickly, and help you improve the logic and structure of your answer.


Now that you have learned the method, let's do some practice!