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GBC 15 Confidence and enthusiasm


Check your score sheet and you will find two of your delivery scores in G.B.C. relate directly to confidence and enthusiasm (specifically nervousness and animation/enthusiasm). Furthermore, vocal clarity and eye contact are signs that you are confident and passionate about what you are talking about. Let's work on those in this class.


How confident do you feel in the G.B.C. test? How confident do you think you seem in the GBC test?

Warm Up: 

Your teacher is going to ask you a couple of questions. Please answer them as best you can.


Delivery is something you need to work on to improve. It's not something that you can make perfect from one lesson. Your teacher will give some advice on the following, then you can practice:

  1. enthusiasm;
  2. eye contact; and
  3. confidence.

Now let's practice.


Try putting it all together with these G.B.C. questions:

  1. If you could choose any location for a future trip, where would you go and why?
  2. Are you satisfied with the Japanese government's policy towards its Asian neighbours?
  3. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about Japan's economy?