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GBC 11 Gestures & body language

Let me put it this way...

Gestures and body language are an important component of non-verbal communication. We're going to do a quick lesson on gestures, so that you can be more engaging when you speak. You'll need video for this one!


Using gestures and body language well will improve your communication skills and  help you engage better with people. You'll send the right unspoken messages, and it will improve your GBC score too! This is the first lesson on improving your delivery score.

Warm Up: 

What's the point of using gestures? What are some gestures you use? What are some gestures you know about that English speakers use? Are there any gestures that you might use that could be misunderstood by English speakers?


Let's practice the following gestures and body language. Do you know what they mean? Which can you use in GBC?

  1. chin scratch;
  2. fist pump;
  3. the Clinton thumb;
  4. crossed fingers;
  5. cuckoo sign;
  6. facepalm;
  7. money sign;
  8. so-so;
  9. air quotes;
  10. open palms;
  11. blah blah
  12. counting
  13. shrug
  14. the steeple
  15. pointing;
  16. handshake
  17. hand wave
  18. no no
  19. me

Now answer a couple of GBC questions with a focus on body language, eye contact and gestures.