GBC 10 Researching answers

A lot of the questions you will get in the GBC test are predictable. This lesson will give you ideas about how to research your answers, so you can be better prepared.


You should be well prepared for common GBC questions, and have no shortage of ideas. Make sure you have researched answers to the predictable questions.

Warm Up: 

Tell your instructor what you do and what your company does.


Let's start with two very common questions:

  1. What should a visitor to Japan see and experience?
  2. What kind of business does your company do?

Where can we start to research answers for these questions?

To find out what to do in your country or hometown, try Googling "Best things to do in Japan" or "Best things to do in Nagano".

To learn about how to talk about your company, look up the Wikipedia page for your company and pick some key phrases.

Do this now with your teacher.


Now let's research the answer to another GBC style question:

Do keiretsu still have a place in the modern business world?